The following terms and conditions apply to the sale of goods and services provided by the Institute and its representatives to its clients.



"Provider" refers to IEIS, its subsidiary bodies, agents, staff and associates.

"Event" refers to any event, course or other activity organised by the provider on behalf of its clients.

"Applicant" refers to any individual, legal entity or group thereof who has or intends to apply for an event but has not yet accepted a place.

"Attendee" refers to an Applicant who has accepted an offer of a place.


In pursuing enrolment after having been informed of these terms and conditions, applicants and attendees acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by them. Attendees breaking these terms or who do not with to be bound by them, must inform the provider and forfeit their place in any event.

These terms and conditions may change without notice.


Applicants must request attendance by e-mail providing evidence (diplomas, references, etc.) that they meet the minimum requirements for the event as set out in the eligibility criteria. All applicants will be assessed against the eligibility criteria and notified by e-mail of acceptance or rejection. If insufficient information was provided a further request for information will be issued.

Applicants are expected to make themselves familiar with the rules, policies and regulations applicable to them prior to requesting a place at an event. Breaches of regulations, codes of conduct or policies may result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from a programme and loss of fees paid.


Some events may place special requirements upon the applicant prior to attendance (e.g. security vetting) and whilst at the event (e.g. venue security requirements). Applicants must adhere to those requirements and be willing to undertake all necessary action in order to comply. The applicant is liable for any costs the provider incurs in meeting these requirements.

Amongst other commitments applicants may also be required to limit personal movements in venues, limit communication with others on or before events, share data with European authorities and sign non-disclosure agreements. These requirements will be communicated to the applicant prior to an offer of a place at the event. With the exception of forfeiture of a place at the event the applicant will not suffer any further disadvantage for non-cooperation with special requirements.

In lieu of adequate security clearance, written authority at UN ASG, NATO OF-6 or EU DDG level, or comparable enhanced security investigations will be accepted.

Photographic proof of identity will always be requested.

Attendees should report changes to any data collected during application at the earliest opportunity. Attendees may have the right to edit or delete their electronic records manually. However, making false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading changes without permission may constitute breach of contract and result in disciplinary action, including dismissal.


Applicants that are accepted will receive an acceptance e-mail. Those who wish to accept the offer of a place at the event must reply to confirm their attendance by enroling. If an applicant does not enrol another may be admitted in their place. Full settlement of fees is considered acceptance of a place, even if payment is made before a place is offered. Joining instructions will be issued prior to the start date.

Mutual Liability Waiver

The client indemnifies and holds the provider harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees arising from services provided by the provider. The provider similarly indemnifies and holds the applicant/attendee harmless against any and all liabilities, claims and expenses beyond the scope of this agreement.


By applying for an event an applicant makes the following declaration:

"In applying for this event I hereby declare that I have no unlawful or unethical intent nor do I intend to use skills or knowledge gained therein to commit unlawful or unethical actions in the future. Furthermore, I recognise and attest to my on-going legal obligation not to pass on classified material to others and not to misuse that material to commit or conspire in unlawful or unethical actions that undermine the rule of law."


After receiving confirmation of attendance, attendees will be liable for the entire fee. Full payment of fees is required before enrolment at the event and in accordance with the terms indicated by the provider. Fees must be paid in Euros (EUR) unless otherwise agreed.

Fees must be settled by cash, direct debit/bank transfer or cheque unless otherwise agreed. Detailed instructions of payment methods are communicated by email or post. Receipts will be provided upon request.


Listed fees do not include tax unless otherwise stipulated, as tax obligations vary depending upon the provider's status and where the event is delivered.

The Institute itself is an unincorporated not-for-profit association that serves as a co-ordinating function for various independent organisational components operating in its name. As such the Institute's turnover is nominal. In most circomstances, providers carry special status and other privileges which grant them and the Institute exemption from VAT and other local taxation.

Institute events are run as independent temporary legal entities under the authority of a designated event co-ordinator or controller. As such these events are liable for taxation at local rates at the point of service delivery in accordance with the appropriate tax laws for that country. The delivery of products and services is completed locally, a "hands-on" EU cross-border digital service, or is exempt from taxation outside of the EU and therefore only liable for taxation at local rates.


Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The provider reserves the right to refuse access to any event.

Event cancellations must be requested more that 28 days before the start date to be eligible for refund of any kind. The provider reserves the right to deduct unavoidable expenses resulting from cancellation (e.g. failure to meet minimum class sizes, etc.) prior to any refund.

In the event of cancellation the provider will make every effort to negotiate a concession suitable to the provider and the attendee (e.g. placement on an alternate event, partial refund, etc). Fees that remain unpaid at the time of cancellation still render the attendee liable for the balance of payment and administration fees.

The provider reserves the right to change the details of events at any time. The provider also reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event with 28 days notice to the client. If an event is cancelled or rescheduled by the provider with less than 28 days notice, the client shall be entitled to a full refund or transfer to an alternative event.

If the client is entitled to reimbursement of fees, other costs incurred remain the responsibility of the attendee. The provider may always charge for any services provided and expenses incurred.

Professional Training

Any programme leading to a professional qualification and licence to practice will require that attendees undertake practical training in a professional environment. Persons on such programmes must comply with professional codes of conduct and fitness to practice policies. Failure to adhere to such codes and policies may result in disqualification from the programme and prohibition from qualification.

The provider of educational and training services provides the opportunity for directed study. Attendees are expected to take ownership of their own learning and as such, the attainment of learning outcomes is not exclusively within the power of the provider. Therefore, an attendees failure to achieve desired outcomes does not constitute grounds for cancellation or reimbursement of fees.

Intellectual Property Rights

All materials delivered at the event remain the intellectual property of the provider. All rights not expressly granted shall be reserved by the provider. Modification or incorporation of materials shall not constitute a joint work. If the attendee wishes to make additional use of materials not covered in these terms and conditions the attendee shall obtain permission from the provider. If permission is granted for the attendee to make additional use of materials, a credit in the name of the provider shall accompany the materials whenever practical and the client shall supply the provider with a copy of any publication the material appears in.

Policy reference: IEIS/0202/200611/1
Policy owner: Head of Training & Directing Staff
Authorised date: 17 July 2020
Operational date: 24 July 2020
Review schedule: Annual